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What is Pro-Dosa BOOST?


The most complete & balanced multi-nutrient paste available on the International Market.

Formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, competition, transport or under stress.


Essential for those individuals that need greater nutrient supplementation to maintain normal health, appetite or metabolism especially those horses with low red blood cell parameters, poor body condition or appetite, problems with chronic tying up, or early signs of heat stress.


Replaces the administration of electrolytes by stomach tube as well as injectable amino acids, trace minerals and iron solutions.


Provides a full complement of balanced nutrients to ensure optimum health, performance and recovery.

10 Good reasons to use Pro-Dosa Boost



1. Boost is proven and has established itself as the premium bestselling paste in the  Southern Hemisphere.


2. It is especially useful getting the right horse ready for race day.


3. The most complex and balanced multi-nutrient paste available on the market today.


4. 7.6g of 19 unassembled amino acids protecting muscle cell function & integrity. Less fatigue, better performance, better recovery.


5. 4.4g of 10 vitamins including C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12, Folic Acid & Choline

chloride. Necessary for the absorption of Iron in the gut & into the blood, great for appetite, condition & energy.


6. 9.4g of minerals which maintain optimal red blood cell counts and provides critical


elements for haemoglobin production and therefore blood oxygenation.


7. 12.4g of electrolytes maintains optimal body fluid balance, nerve & muscle function.


8. Horses bounce out of races. Home, grub up and are bright & well in themselves the


following morning. Allows you to race more often.


9. A great alternative to a Duphalyte jug containing Hemo 15, Copper, Vitamin C & Folic


10. Easy to use, no needles required