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For Work Riders / stud grooms/ yard management staff

Why it’s good to have us in your corner…

Signing up with a a specialist equine recruitment agency to help you find your dream job, should make things easy for you.

It should feel like you’ve got someone doing the legwork for you, like you’ve got a job search PA or your own job coach.

And that’s exactly how we like to work, we will make finding a new Ireland or UK based job painless.

We’re a bit old fashioned in that we like to meet face to face to start the ball rolling; we do the same with all our clients. It really helps us get to know you properly so we can find roles that will be truly right for you - it’s also good interview practice.

We would love to work with you but we know we need to prove ourselves a bit first. So, here is what some other people think of us:

 Plus, here is our set of promises to you:


For employers

Recruiting with us is simple and painless

We recruit as if we’re an extension of your training or stud  business, as if we are part of your HR team. We work in partnership with you so we get to know and understand the uniqueness of your needs.

We’re a bit old fashioned like that and we like to meet face to face to start the ball rolling, we do the same with all our stable staff candidates. We consider it to be the only way we can provide you with people who will ‘fit’ with your team .

We’d like to come and meet with you face to face so we can introduce ourselves and our services.

If you want to delve a bit deeper before you give us a call, have a look at how much time and effort we could save you by reducing your time to hire, as well as how time and much money we could save you by using our Service.

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